Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cake and Pictures

We are VERY excited that we have been invited by Shea Roggio from Cake and Pictures to be a part of their new web directory. The goal of this new portal is to only feature wedding photographers that bring something new to the table, in terms of quality, uniqueness or geography. They will only promote photographers, so their users will be brides and grooms for whom photography is a priority. Working with Cliff Mautner and Bill Cramer, they are following in the footsteps of their first web directory, Wonderful Machine, which has been successful and very effective in promoting commercial photographers.

Here is an ARTICLE in PDN about Wonderful Machine.

They have hand selected a limited number of photographers to feature in each of the 50 most prominent cities in the U.S. and soon 50 areas internationally. We are listed along with Ben Chrisman, Anna Kuperberg, Kevin Kubota, Becker, Bob and Dawn Davis, Jose Villa, and Jim Garner just to name a few other amazing photographers... We are very honored and humbled that they have chosen GB Photographers to be a part of such an exclusive group.

If you have a moment, check out their site and look at some of the outstanding photographers that they feature. We can't wait to see what happens next!


Jeramy Sossaman said...

whoohoo! congrats guys!

Sharon said...

Thats very exciting!!

FMN Design said...

You two deserve to be recognized and should definitely be a part of this venture. Congratulations!

Carrie Hasson said...

Absolutely deserved. Your work stands apart from the crowd, is timeless, and always beautiful. Really, truly art. Not to mention, you are two of the nicest guys in the business!

ben chrisman said...

alright! glad we're all on board together.