Friday, April 17, 2009

Lorena and Colter - Engagement

Lorena and Colter met and began dating in high school... (insert long story here).  After reconnecting with each other in college, they fell in love and were engaged 9 years later!   We had the pleasure of spending a beautiful afternoon with them and their son Juan Carlos, who celebrated his 12th birthday that day!  We met them at China Camp in San Rafael...  What an amazing setting for photography!  If you haven't been there, it is full of character and texture... Everywhere you turn is a photograph waiting to be taken.  Lorena and Colter are two of the most adorable people we have met and they were a delight to be with.  We mixed in a few shots of them with Juan Carlos and ended the day out on a boardwalk overlooking the marshland and bay.  The end of day light was stunning.   We are really looking forward to their wedding in August. Congratulations to Lorena and Colter!