Tuesday, February 10, 2009

San Rafael Here We Come!

We have officially moved our office from SOMA, San Francisco to beautiful, sunny San Rafael! In effort to be closer to our families, we chose to be in a quaint, small town storefront rather than the hustle and bustle of the big city. There are certain things that we miss about our SF studio, but we are very excited about our new space. It was built around 1850 to be a theater. Over time, the space became a butcher shop, a travel agency and Obama's campaign headquarters. There is a lot of history in this space and you can feel it! We have 20 foot ceilings and plenty of space to run around in... We have a few more things to deal with, like the front window display and finding a new friend to share our space, but overall we have done a lot of work to get our new office ready and we couldn't be happier. Even the food in San Rafael has been wonderful. From shawarmas, burritos and Indian buffet to burgers, smoothies and yummy salads, we have it all here! 4th street has been very welcoming. Many of our neighbors have stopped in to greet us and we were even gifted an office warming basket of delicious Satsuma's and Green Tea! (Thanks Teri) We weren't sure about the move at first, but we have settled right in and we love it! If any of you are in the San Rafael area, please stop by and say hi!

1344 4th Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

Here are a few photo's of the space and if you know of anyone that would want to share our creative space with us, please pass the information along.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Ireland Printed

We have been working on the final prints for Catriona and Iain with our Album designer, Laura at Forget Me Not Design. After many hours of customizing the images to our album standards, we were able to send them to print. Our good friends at Dickerman Prints, who were once known as Robyn Color, printed the final images and we couldn't be happier with the print quality. If you are looking for a good lab in the San Francisco Bay Area, check them out! We brought the images back to our studio and cut down all 73 images by hand. We are sending the images out to Leather Craftsmen to have them bound into a 700 series album. We are very excited to see the results. Ironically, we just met Ira from Leather Craftsmen at our new space in San Rafael (new posting about our new space to come soon)! We were, once again, blown away by the quality of Leather Craftsmen. We love their albums... and Ira! What a great guy! We always feel like we are being taken care of with Ira and Leather Craftsmen. If you haven't had a chance to see their albums or meet Ira, it is a must. They share the same attention to detail and quality control that we strive for here at GB Photographers. We ship out the images in the next day or two and we are really looking forward to the results of our labor! Also a big THANK YOU to Laura for all of her work at FMN Design!!! Much more to come... (We'll be sure to post photos of the final album).