Monday, August 18, 2008

8 for 8... Congratulations Michael Phelps!

In celebration of Michael Phelps most recent achievements in the 2008 Olympics, we are posting images that we took with our friend and business partner, Rick Chapman, last year. As a part of the ESPY collection, Rick was assigned the honor of photographing the Olympic champion. We flew to the University of Michigan, where Phelps attends school, and photographed him in the aquatic center just before a training session.

After watching his amazing performances the past weeks or so, we thought that we would pay tribute to his accomplishments.

The black and white photograph below is the final image that was chosen for the ESPY Collection. This collection features 25 signed, limited edition, silver gelatin prints of each of the athletes. If you are interested in purchasing images from the collection, contact Rachel Mack at ESPN. All proceeds are donated to the V Foundation for cancer research.

See all of the photographs from the ESPY Collection.


Sharon said...

Do you guys have the coolest jobs or what!?

Fantastic shots! I love the first one!

Carrie Hasson said...

Michael Phelps is a phenom, we've really enjoyed cheering him on this summer. I love how some of these show him in a completely different light than I've seen him before, how they show more of his dimension...
that last shot is incredible!

Jeramy Sossaman said...

wow! these are amazing shots! how cool....especially now that he has done so well.....great job guys!

Anonymous said...

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